A Year in Food: 2017

It’s that time again. Just kidding, it’s way past that time. I’m finally getting around to creating my “Year in Food” wrap up for 2017. 2017 was another year eating a vegetarian diet and another year explaining it to perplexed co-workers.

I have significantly less photos and recipes to share compared to 2016. My meal prep for this year repeated a lot of old favorites, so refer to the original Year in Food for more inspiration. But I also tried some new and yummy recipes!

Without any further ado, here are the breakfasts, snacks, and meals I tried in 2017 that turned out well. (This excludes the few duds that I do have photos for but were gross…. vegan spinach and artichoke dip…..).


I love breakfast. However, I am incapable of waking up at an early enough time to eat before leaving for work. So, either I don’t eat breakfast, or I have to eat something in my car. To minimize the amount of crumbs that end up in my car, I’ve gotten in the habit of making compact banana muffins. They’re filling and convenient.

Vegan Banana Muffins

I think I used the recipe linked…. but can’t be sure.  Or this recipe may be what I used for this particular picture but it’s not my go to.


Not ideal for car eating but these other two breakfast items are tasty too.

Banana Bread (can’t remember the recipe)


Honey Berry Oatmeal


Avocado Toast

A breakfast roundup wouldn’t’ be complete without some avocado toast. This particular weekend I topped it with mango and chili powder which was a surprisingly good flavor combination.



This category just has a few miscellaneous items. These snacks can be eaten as an appetizer, full meal, or whenever you just feel like eating a bunch of bread.


These smoothie combinations were inspired by Daily Harvest ideas, but I just bought the ingredients myself.

Mint Cacao (Spinach + Cacao + Banana + Mint + Almond Milk + Cashews)

Carrot Chia (Carrot + Sweet Potato + Walnut + Chia Seeds + Ginger + Dates + Almond Milk)





Skillet Bread



Now on to the main event, meals! Here are 20 items that can either be made in bulk and used for weekly #mealprep lunches or that can be used for a nice cozy dinner at home. These plus the 30ish meals in the 2016 installment means you have at least one new recipe for every week of the year. See, being vegetarian is easy, interesting, and full of variety!

Tahini Roasted Vegetables


Eggplant Parmesan Bake


Falafel with Tzatziki Sauce

Apologies for the unaesthetic photo, I ate most of them before I remembered to document it “for my records.”


Mediterranean Sweet Potato Bowls

The link is a video I made showing how to make these.



I don’t have a recipe for this one, but I do have a pro-tip, use instant mashed potatoes—it saves time and still tastes pretty great.



This recipe was a vegan-ized version of a former friend’s family recipe for enchiladas.  It’s very good. I unfortunately don’t have this recipe anymore nor do I have a good path of communication with its owner, luckily, I still have some of the enchilada sauce in my freezer.


Basic Vegan Taco Spread



Made this for a dinner party with my friend Elliott. Elliott is always nice about trying to accommodate vegetarians and found this great recipe! We put less eggs in than the recipe called for because we all agreed it seemed heavy on the egg.


Summer Lentil Wrap and Summer Barley Salad

Sorry I can’t find the wrap recipe…


Turmeric Roasted Carrot Chickpea Salad


Enchilada Stuffed Portobellos


Basic Noodles and Vegetables

This was a clean-out the fridge day. I used Trader Joe’s lemon zest pappardelle noodles topped with capers, roasted tomatoes, and feta cheese. I then made some classic breaded zucchini for a side.


Thai Coconut Bowl

Added some sprouts for kicks.


Basic Brown Rice and Veggie Bowl

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple.


Vegan Mushroom Risotto

This was one of my all-time favorite recipes. Writing this post actually reminded me that I need to make this again. Mmmm.


Teriyaki Bowl

I don’t believe I used a recipe to make this. If memory serves correctly, this was just a teriyaki bowl made with ingredients from Chinatown.


King Oyster Mushrooms and Pickled Vegetables

This was my first foray into pickling. I think it turned out well, although I haven’t tried it again. I got the idea for the shredded mushrooms from this Brothers Green Eats video. (Mushroom part starts around 5:23)


Zoodle Salad!


Falafel Bowl

This bowl contains sweet potato fries, quinoa, roasted carrots, the falafel patties from earlier, and a tahini drizzle dressing.


Burrito Bowl with Peach Salsa

This is by far one of my favorite meals. This is from the Thug Kitchen cookbook.


2017 was another good year of eating. I still don’t miss meat and I think about bacon even less than last year. As always, please pass on your vegetarian recipe and restaurant recommendations!